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High manufacturing depth – in every dimension

We always develop the same thing: Unique pieces.
Customised to your requirements, we produce a wide range of bars, discs, rings and special parts. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in metal-forming and materials technology in special alloys, we provide our high-quality products and services to you.
We gladly support you selecting the suitable materials complying with your delivery specifications, regulations and product requirements.





Bars made from special materials

Our custom-forged bars are specifically designed to meet your individual needs. Thanks to the combination of high-quality forging materials and precise forging skills, we can produce bars that meet your desired specifications, delivery instructions, regulations and drawings – from length and diameter to surface finish, we offer customised solutions for every application. Find the dimensions and surface finishes in the information provided below.

Dimensions of our bars

RoundDiameter10mm to 650 mm
SquareCross-section25 mm to 600 mm

Surface finishes of our bars

Raw forged, rolled, drawn or peeled, turned, milled

Discs for every requirement 

We forge discs individually according to your dimensional requirements with the highest and most consistent quality. Following your demand we offer discs with different surface finishes, dimensions and weights. Our production is based on your delivery specifications, regulations and drawings. Below you find our production options in this area.

Dimensions of our discs

Diameter up to approx. 2800 mm

Weights of the discs

depending on quality up to approx. 6000 kg

Surface finishes of our discs

Raw forged, pre-machined or finished machined

Top quality rings

Rolling rings to your specific dimensional requirements is also part of our portfolio. We take your delivery specifications, regulations and drawings into account while maintaining the highest and most consistent quality. We manufacture rings with a wide range of dimensions, weights and surface finishes in accordance with our production options listed below.

Dimensions of our rings

Diameter up to approx. 4000 mm

Weights of the rings

depending on quality up to approx. 2500 kg

Surface finishes of our rings

Raw forged, rolled, pre-machined or finished machined

Special geometries for special requirements

We also offer machined forgings in special geometries, such as bushes, flanges or offset shafts according to your drawings. Our machining options are highly diverse.

No matter how individual your requirements may be – we will realise them in accordance with your delivery specifications and regulations.

Machining options for our special geometries

Shafts up to a length of approx. 6000 mm
Turning up to a diameter of approx. 3500 mm
Longitudinal milling up to a length of approx. 6000 mm
Contour milling (5-axis) X=1250 mm Y=1000 mm Z=1000 mm
Water jet cutting system X=2500 mm Y=1500 mm
Extensive sawing capacities up to a diameter of 800 mm