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Responsible And Generation-Conscious.

For A Sustainable Future.

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We understand sustainable business development that meets the needs of current and future generations. We achieve the simultaneous and equitable implementation of social, economic, and ecological goals through an approach of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



Our social standards far exceed the minimum requirements. All employees are treated fairly and equitably. We encourage their potential and support them in education and development, for every one of our employees contributes to the solidarity of our company.
Social sustainability means: Finding a balance between give and take. For this reason, we also specifically support public projects in the region, through financial contributions as well as volunteer work. This especially enables us to meet our understanding of Corporate Citizenship (CC), in the sense of reliable social responsibility. 



Consistent customer satisfaction is our aspiration. We achieve this through the high quality of our goods and services and transparency in terms of Corporate Governance (CG), as well as the strict adherence to delivery dates and customer agreements. In order to secure the future of the company and its associated jobs for the long term, we work in a timely fashion to secure qualified personnel to uphold the high level of know-how in our company. In that way, we give young people, among other things, the possibility to complete their studies, their technical training, or their apprenticeship at Faulenbach Schmiedetechnik.



In our actions, we fulfil our great responsibility to the environment and to nature. Our goal is to achieve as much as possible through minimal use of resources. To that end, we work closely with our customers to find individual solutions to improve the technical lifespan and efficiency of our products.

Scrap metals, including precious special materials with high nickel, titanium, or molybdenum content, are sorted and stored along with excess packaging materials to be removed by a waste management company for recycling or proper disposal.


Faulenbach Schmiedetechnik GmbH

T: +49 (0)2261 97461-0
F: +49 (0)2261 97461-9

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