Alloy C2000 ®
2.4675 – N06200


Material description

The material 2.4675 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-copper alloy. This alloy is highly resistant to corrosion and is characterised by excellent resistance in oxidising and reducing media – even at high temperatures.

In addition, 2.4675 (Alloy C2000 ®) is highly resistant to pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking.

The material is also resistant to wet media such as sulphuric, phosphoric and nitric acid, chlorine gas, acid mixtures of sulphuric acid and oxidising acids with chloride ions.

2.4675 can also be used with strong oxidising agents such as iron (III) and copper (II) chlorides, chlorine, acetic acid and seawater.


  • Highly corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent resistance to oxidising and reducing media (even at elevated temperatures)
  • High resistance to pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking
  • Good resistance to wet media
  • Resistant to strong oxidising agents


  • Chemical engineering
  • Manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • Environmental technology
  • Waste incineration plants

Material data

Material no.: 2.4675
Name: Alloy C2000 ®
UNS no.: N06200
ASTM: B564 / B574
VdTÜV: 539
Material type: Corrosion-resistant alloy

Chemical composition in %

ASTM B564/574VdTÜV Material sheet 539
Mo15,0 – 17,015,0 – 17,0
Cr22,0 – 24,022,0 – 24,0
Fe, max.3,03,0
Co, max.2,02,0
C, max.0,0100,010
Si, max.0,080,08
Mn, max.0,500,50
P, max.0,0250,025
S, max.0,0100,010
Al, max.0,500,5
Cu1,3 – 1,91,3 – 1,9

Mechanical properties

solution annealedBar | forging
ASTM B574 | ASTM B564
Bar | forging
D ≤ 90 mm
Rm (MPa)≥ 690690 – 950
Rp 0,2 (MPa)≥ 310≥ 310
Rp 1,0 (MPa)≥ 330
A (%)≥ 45≥ 45
Av (J)≥ 120

The specified values are non-binding guide values.

®C-2000 is a registered trademark of Haynes International

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