Alloy 601 
2.4851 – N06601


Material description

The material 2.4851 is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy that also contains small amounts of aluminium. Thanks to the high chromium content in combination with the alloyed aluminium, a very resistant oxide layer is formed at high temperatures – thus ensuring very good resistance to oxidation and carburisation. In addition, 2.4851 (Alloy 601) offers good resistance to stress corrosion cracking under carburising conditions and in oxidising/sulphurous atmospheres.

The material also has good mechanical properties at room temperature and at higher temperatures due to solid solution hardening.


  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and carburisation (even at high temperatures)
  • Good resistance, among other things: under carburising conditions, against stress corrosion cracking, in oxidising/sulphurous environments
  • Good mechanical properties


  • Oven construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Environmental protection technology
  • Power plants

Material data

Material no.: 2.4851
Name: Alloy 601
UNS no.: N06601
ASTM: B166
Other: DIN 17742/17752 / DIN EN 10095
Material type: High-temperature alloy

Chemical composition in %

ASTM B166DIN 17742
Ni58,0 – 63,058,0 – 63,0
Cr21,0 – 25,021,0 – 25,0
FeRest18,0 max.
Mn, max.1,01,00
Al1,0 – 1,71,00 – 1,70
C, max.0,100,10
Cu, max.1,00,50
Si, max.0,50,50
S, max.0,0150,015
B, max.0,006
P, max.0,020
Ti, max.0,50

Mechanical properties

Solution annealedBarBar
D ≤ 100 mm
DIN 17752
Rm (MPa)≥ 550≥ 550
Rp 0,2 (MPa)≥ 205≥ 205
Rp 1,0 (MPa)≥ 235
A (%)≥ 30≥ 30
Hardness (HBW 2,5/62,5)max. 220

The specified values are non-binding guide values.

Data sheet